Spanish Residency


Spain Offers Permanent Residency to Foreign Real Estate Investors!

The non-profit residency is designed for individuals who want to immigrate to Spain and have sufficient wealth to live in Spain without having to work in Spain. This is the most common residency permit for property owners in Spain.
The key to obtaining this type of permit is providing proof of sufficient funds to live in Spain and own a property without having to work in Spain.
There are different ways to prove that you have sufficient funds.
Also other documents are required which we will assist you with.
Once obtained, you are not allowed to work in Spain for the first year, as the authorization is to “reside” in Spain, and not to “work.”  This type of permit is renewable twice for 2 years and no limit after 5.
The best part of this permit is that it allows family members to come to Spain, allowing them to live, get medical treatment (private), and go to school for free.
2.  LUCRATIVE SPANISH RESIDENCY (with working permit)
The investment visa is for individuels who own a property in Spain and plan have a business with funds for investment purposes. Once completed, you will be the director of a company with those funds in as capital. You may immediately start drawing on this capital in the implementation of your business. The investment visa is available to those who invest in a new or already established company. Family members of the visa holder may obtain derivative status that allows them to live, work and attend school in Spain. 
A business project considered and credited in Spain must assess the performance of at least one of the following conditions:
  • Creating more job opportunities for locals.
  • Making an investment with socio-economic impact in the geographical area.
  • An important contribution to scientific innovation and/or technology.

3. Spanish Golden Residency

A new law in Spain authorizes entry and residence for foreigners/Non-EU citizens with an investment in real estates, shares or deposits.
The “Project of support for entrepreneurs and its internationalization” (Proyecto de Apoyo a Emprendedores y su Internacionalización” would amend the Immigration Law 4/2000 on Spain, and considers, among others, to provide an ENTRY VISA and a RESIDENCE PERMIT foreigners (Non EU citizens) who make a significant capital investment and meets any of the following conditions:

1. FINANCIAL INVESTMENT: An initial investment equal to or more, than 2 million Euros in Spanish government bonds.
2. REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT: The acquisition of real estate in Spain with an investment of equal or superior to 500,000 Euros per applicant. In the case of investing in Spanish real estates, the applicant must prove ownership of real estate by providing one or more certificates of proficiency from the Land Registry that corresponds to the property or properties.

ALSO! No requirement or obligations in the staying period. The approval comes within a few weeks.