La Costa del Sol

Spain is your home away from home. 
Spain is officially called "Reino de España" or Kingdom of Spain, even do is a Democratic Nation with a First Minister or President "Jose Rodriguez Zapatero"; also has a King or Rey "Don Juan Carlos". Has 504,645 Kmts2 & a Population of 45,200,000 people. Its Language is the Spanish and the Currency is the Euro. Its Religion is the Christian Catholic, but its very open to all others. Spain´s capital isMadrid, with a population of 3,132,000 people, at the center of the country. The Nation is politically divided in Autonomous Communities, being Andaluciathe one covering the south: the Mediterranean Sea.

Andalucia is the second largest Autonomous Community in Spain, (encompassing the Provinces of Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga and Sevilla) but almost certainly the most attractive one. Andalucía villas or cottages have a very distinctive style, with square, whitewashed shapes, creating the most picturesque villages in the whole of Spain. Featuring in Malaga’s Province its Central area, "La Costa del Sol" or "The Sunny Coast", is the most famous coastal holiday destination globally, and it will certainly involve sand, sea and sun. La Costa del Sol is a 160 kmts. stretch of coastline in the South of Andalucia, with several very interesting villages to visit. (see our La Costa del Sol page) 

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14 15 16 20 25 30 32 33 32 25 20 18
Hours of sun 6 7 6 7 9 11 11 11 8 7 6 6
Sunny days 26 23 24 26 28 28 31 31 27 27 23 26
Rainy days 10 8 7 4 0 0 0 0 0 4 2 9

The weather in La Costa del Sol coastline is sheltered by hills & high mountains allowing for a kind of several micro climates areas. This limits rainfall, and as a result of it the region enjoys sunshine for in excess of 300 days per year.
Andalucia with its year round sun is ideal for your family vacation or a short winter break. The Summer months (March to November), in particular August, are hot with temperatures rarely falling below 30°C (86°F); but in the coast you benefit from the sea breeze that just takes the sting out of the mid-day sun. The Winter months (November through to March) have daily highs of around 20°C (64°F), and at night the low rarely falls below 10°C. These are the best times for exploring Andalucia by car. The temperatures are very pleasant and the skies are blue. You would be very unlucky to get a week of rain but the odd day or few hours has to be accepted as it is our winter after all! The evenings tend to be a bit cool so bring a sweater or a light jacket for when you venture out.

Things to do in Andalucia? Anything you like! La Costa del Sol basks in over 3,000 hours of sunshine every year, ideal all year round. Boasts one of the highest concentration of golf courses in the world, and beautiful sandy beaches. There are a range of Theme Parks from water to safari or crocodile parks, offering go-karting, beautiful public gardens, specials for walking, riding, motorcycle touring and painting holidays. There are a huge number of world class restaurants to be found serving the best of both Spanish and International Cuisine. Tapas is a particular delicacy in the restaurants of Spain, and be sure to try the local wines. Well, and the nightlife here is fantastic too. Don’t forget the Casinos, Live Shows and more…

You haven’t experienced the real Spain until you enjoy one of Spain’s many Ferias or “Fairs”. The local Feria is the moment when every town and village strives to put on a splendid show, not only for themselves, but also for those who come from far away to admire and enjoy it. Over 300 Fiestas are celebrated in Andalucia every year, including: Fairs, Pilgrimages, Carnivals, Parties and Religious Processions.